Rate-Anticipation Heat Detectors

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Code : 302 Series Heat Detector

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The Thermotech 302 Series rate-anticipation heat detectors operate within a controlled range of two to three degrees of their set points, regardless of the speed or rate of temperature rise. These detectors are available in either 135°F or 194°F ratings. The 302 Series models include the 302-135, 302-194, 302-AW-135, 302-AW-194, 302-ET-135, 302-ET-194, 302-EPM-135 and 302-EPM-194.

Universal application: The 302 Series can be used in all areas for any type of occupancy
Hermetically sealed: Shock resistant, corrosion resistant, and tamper-proof

Agency Listing and Approvals:
FM Approved